Serko | Concierge Mobile Application

Serko Limited is an Asia-Pacific based company that provides travel solutions and services to leading travel companies. Recognising the significance of an upwards trend in mobile internet traffic, Serko’s founders approached Terabyte to leverage their mobile strategy. Although they had a working prototype, they needed to make the application more in line with their branding and more user friendly.

Skills used

  • Wireframe
  • Prototype
  • Interface Design


  • Following the existing application framework and adopt Serko’s branding into a mobile format.
  • Design templates for different mobile screen sizes.
  • Understand user interaction with the application and apply our learnings from user testing to the wireframes.
  • Suggest new ideas to the client based on the existing working prototype.

The Mood Board

This app was specifically targeted to business travellers. To make the app more interesting and unique based on the brand, I started brainstorming ideas around the 'Business Trip'. On startup, the app would present you with a simple set of icons and business-related travel objects familiar to business travellers. This made the app easy to use and resonated the spirit of the Serko brand. The app allowed users to personalise their experience by giving them the ability to create customised wallpapers and colour palettes.

concept development


I applied my strengths in user-centric design, audience analysis, and mobile strategy to prototype a mobile application for business travellers codenamed Concierge. Serko felt that a mobile strategy would increase engagement from their customers. From a design perspective, a higher degree of personality was required to make the app feel more personable, likeable and emotive. The resulting product was a premier corporate travelling tool that managed your itinerary, accommodation, and transport giving its users piece of mind.

  • Loading Screen - To create a simple loading screen I designed an airplane icon that moved from the bottom of the phone screen and takes off to the top of the screen. The runway turns itself into a business suit background.
  • Homepage - Provide quick access to pages with iconography to increase readability.
  • Upcoming Trips - The ‘Upcoming Trips’ panel needed to be more prominent than other components on the page. Using different colours, textures and reminder icon help users to focus on their next trip.
  • Trips - Trips - To contain a larger amount of content on one page, I decided to display the name of the trip, date, location and number of trip.
  • Trips Detail - Ability to scan the content quickly and browse to previous & next itinerary.

The Result

The final product mixed beautiful design with a functional application that truly served a Serko’s customer. The client was very happy not only with the features and the design, but the level of precision the application offered. Serko are excitedly continuing development on the application. They have showcased the prototype work to date to key clients including Microsoft and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. This application design supported theming to enable instances to be branded with corporate client logos and identity. In targeting a corporate market, the design leveraged the best of classic and contemporary within the business world.