Google Compare

Google Compare provides users with the opportunity to review products in an organised and useful fashion making a potentially complex decision a little easier. Google wanted to create a new product icon that would be used on Google Compare Favicon, App, Chrome Extension Icon, Landing Page and Email creatives.

The new icon should communicate the core idea and intent of the Google Compare product. The icon needed to be simple, modern, friendly, and sometimes quirky.

Skills used

  • Iconography
  • Branding

Design approach

The product icon design is inspired by Material Design guidelines. The icon is cut, folded, and lit as paper would be, but represented by simple graphic elements.

Icon grid

The product icon grid was developed to facilitate consistency and establish a clear set of rules for the positioning of graphic elements.


The colour is inspired by bold color and Material Design guidelines. Emphasizing bold shadows and highlights.


Shadows create a sense of depth and are a key element in bringing more personality and visual depth to the product icons. The icon should have one light source 45 degree angles and between 1 and 3 shadows.

Example Use